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Just you, nature & the KLEINE BLEIBE

Kleine Bleibe Ferienhäuser

the Kleine Bleibe

“Vacation means switching off.”

The head. The everyday life. And preferably the smartphone, too. But in this hectic world, there are hardly any places left that let us really switch off. Stimuli and impulses lurk everywhere. That's why we created the KLEINE BLEIBE: A place where you can find the peace and quiet you crave.

The KLEINE BLEIBE offers you a vacation in solitude. Far away from stress and digital overstimulation you will find absolute relaxation in our minimalist vacation homes. Here, only you count - and that which is not there: No television. No telephone. And if you want, no reception either.

Kleine Bleibe - Architektur


Tradition meets Philosophy

Each of our vacation homes is unique. Their architecture fuses the local environment in which they are located and the philosophy they embody - thought out to the smallest detail and crafted with dedication.


Listed half-timbered houses characterize the image of the village center. The solid base and the black wooden facade of the houses pay homage to this traditional construction method. Thus, the KLEINE BLEIBE fits perfectly into the townscape - and yet bears its own signature.

Kleine Bleibe - Ferienhaus Waldwunder Kleine Bleibe - Ferienhaus Waldwunder OG


Vacations in a simple and sustainable form - that is the core idea of KLEINE BLEIBE. And the personal and timeless architecture of the houses gives it expression: thoughtful but discreet details, high-quality materials and a purist look radiate what you want to find inside: peace and balance.

Kleine Bleibe - Lageplan

Eye to eye with nature

The height and arrangement of the houses are chosen in such a way that when you look out of the window you will always see the beauty of the surrounding landscape and nature.

Construction with environmental protection

Beautiful old trees line the surroundings of the homes. We placed the houses in such a way that the plum and walnut trees were not endangered.

Robust & sustainably manufactured

Concrete components in contact with the ground - we have built the vacation homes robustly and yet in a way that conserves resources. The walls, facade, insulation, ceilings, roof as well as the furniture are made of wood. Inside you will find solid wood floorboards, robustly polished concrete and water-resistant tiles. All paths, terraces and parking spaces have a surface that can be drained.

In dialogue with nature

Window openings allow the rooms to merge with nature. In line with traditional building culture, the houses have a roof overhang.

Kleine Bleibe - Ferienhaus Waldwunder

House Waldwunder

Find relaxation in nature

Are you looking for close contact with nature so that you can finally completely switch off? Then you will feel especially comfortable in the house WALDWUNDER. The forest, on the edge of which it is located, gave this house its name. It has large windows and an outdoor terrace, connecting you with the nature around you.

Kleine Bleibe - Eingang Ferienhaus Waldwunder Kleine Bleibe - Küche Ferienhaus Waldwunder

Relax together

Whether family or friends: In the house WALDWUNDER up to 4 guests can enjoy their time out. The focus is on the typical Westerwald community: A spacious kitchen for cooking and eating together, a living gallery with a seating window for game nights and good conversations with a glass of wine as well as an outdoor terrace for a real nature experience.

Kleine Bleibe - Küchenfenster Ferienhaus Waldwunder Kleine Bleibe - Küchenzeile Ferienhaus Waldwunder
Kleine Bleibe - Schlafzimmer Ferienhaus Waldwunder
Kleine Bleibe - Obergeschoss Ferienhaus Waldwunder Kleine Bleibe - Sitzfenster Ferienhaus Waldwunder
Kleine Bleibe - Schlafzimmer Ferienhaus Waldwunder Kleine Bleibe - Schlafzimmer Ferienhaus Waldwunder
Kleine Bleibe - Dusche Ferienhaus Waldwunder Kleine Bleibe - Waschbecken Ferienhaus Waldwunder

The house WALDWUNDER is a space miracle: 60 m² living space on two levels.

<< Find out more about the equipment of the WALDWUNDER now>>

Kleine Bleibe - Erdgeschoss Ferienhaus Waldwunder Ground floor
Kleine Bleibe - Obergeschoss Ferienhaus Waldwunder Top floor

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Kleine Bleibe - Ferienhaus Gipfelglück

House Gipfelglück

Climb up and let fall

Just get out of the rut and enjoy solitude in togetherness? Our house GIPFELGLÜCK is the place for it. The steep climb from the first floor to the roof gave this house its name: On the way up you will discover plenty of places to linger and switch off. A spacious vacation home for two guests who want to leave each other space for loneliness.

Kleine Bleibe - Eingang Ferienhaus Gipfelglück Kleine Bleibe - OG Ferienhaus Gipfelglück

Recharge your batteries as a couple

In the house GIPFELGLÜCK you and your favorite person can enjoy maximum relaxation - and even get to know each other in a whole new way. This house provides you with everything you need for this: a freestanding bathtub with a view of the forest, a cozy living gallery with seating windows under the roof, as well as a library for cozy evenings of reading and creative exchange.

Kleine Bleibe - Ausgang Ferienhaus Gipfelglück Kleine Bleibe - Tisch Ferienhaus Gipfelglück
Kleine Bleibe - Küche Ferienhaus Gipfelglück
Kleine Bleibe - Badewanne Ferienhaus Gipfelglück Kleine Bleibe - Treppenhaus Ferienhaus Gipfelglück
Kleine Bleibe - Dachgeschoss Ferienhaus Gipfelglück
Kleine Bleibe - Dachgeschoss Ferienhaus Gipfelglück Kleine Bleibe - Dachgeschoss Ferienhaus Gipfelglück
Kleine Bleibe - Bad Ferienhaus Gipfelglück Kleine Bleibe - Bad Ferienhaus Gipfelglück

The GIPFELGLÜCK has a living area of 42.00 m² and extends over three levels

  • Enjoy your time out alone or with another person
  • Kitchen with window seating for dining
  • Bathroom with free-standing bathtub, rain shower, WC
  • Living gallery with sitting window, library and bed (1.60 m x 2.00 m)
  • Outdoor terrace with table and benches

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Kleine Bleibe - Erdgeschoss Ferienhaus Gipfelglück Ground floor
Kleine Bleibe - Obergeschoss Ferienhaus Gipfelglück First floor
Kleine Bleibe - Dachgeschoss Ferienhaus Gipfelglück Top floor

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Kleine Bleibe - Saunahaus Hitzekiste

House Hitzekiste

Power for your body

In the KLEINE BLEIBE you can recharge your batteries - not only mentally, but also physically: the ensemble has a sauna. You can use the HITZEKISTE whenever you want to get your immune system going again.

Kleine Bleibe - Dusche Saunahaus Hitzekiste Kleine Bleibe - Eingang Saunahaus Hitzekiste

After the sauna you can acclimatize in the garden in peace.

Kleine Bleibe - Sauna Hitzekiste
Kleine Bleibe - Wissenswertes


This is what you should know before you come to the KLEINE BLEIBE:


KLEINE BLEIBE is located in the center of Reckenthal - a small village in the Westerwald with only 114 inhabitants. Here you can fully enjoy the peace and quiet and will only meet hikers and local residents. Opposite the KLEINE BLEIBE is the Brunnenstube - ideal for refreshment at the end of an active day. And on the playground next door, even the little guests can really let off steam.


Before you move into KLEINE BLEIBE and make yourself comfortable, we recommend that you stock up on everything you need, as there are no shopping facilities in Reckenthal. We recommend you to do your buying in Montabaur at Via Del Gusto (Italian grocery store) or at the organic food store.

Technical equipment

In the KLEINE BLEIBE you will find relaxation. That's why we have deliberately dispensed with everything that generates voltage - and thus also with electrical appliances. Apart from a stove, a refrigerator, a hairdryer and a WLAN router (which you can switch off at any time) you will not find any appliances here. You boil water in a pot and wash dishes by hand in a meditative and communal way.


The careful treatment of our environment is particularly important to us. All textiles and items at KLEINE BLEIBE are therefore made from sustainable and natural resources.


Our sauna house, HITZEKISTE, is at the free disposal of all guests every day. You will find bathrobes and sauna towels in your cottage. Please bring your own bath slippers.


Parking is available directly on the premises of the ensemble. For guests there is an electric charging station for cars and bicycle parking.

Basic kitchen equipment

Induction stove, refrigerator, dishes, cutlery, wine glasses, water glasses, pots, pan, colander, cutting boards, water carafe, French Press, corkscrew, cheese grater, vegetable peeler, whisk, olive oil, coffee beans, salt & pepper grinder, sugar, tea selection, dish towels, dish sponge, dish detergent. An oven and dishwasher are not available.

Basic equipment of the bedroom

Each guest has a blanket of 1.35 x 2.00 m and a pillow of 0.50 x 0.70 m.

Basic bathroom equipment

Each guest has a sauna towel, shower towel, hand towel and bathrobe. In addition, a hairdryer and washing lotion can be found in each cottage.


WiFi is available in all houses. However, you can deliberately switch on or off the WiFi via a switch in the checkroom area.


Pets are not allowed.